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Herbalife Business Opportunity


The Herbalife Business Opportunity

The Herbalife Business Opportunity is the same as any business opportunity. On one hand you have products and or services and on the other hand you have your niche and prospects. Your job with the business opportunity is to bring the two together.

The Herbalife Business Opportunity

Herbalife Independent Distributor


This is more of a membership to purchase product at a discount for yourself and for others. The moment you become a member you can order Herbalife products online immediately at a 25% discount off the retail price tag.

If your order is large enough, or a combination of multiple orders throughout the month, you will increase that discount to 35% off the retail price. If you hit this discount level, you will have it for the life of your membership with Herbalife.

Over 90% of all the Herbalife Independent Distributors in the world, joined just to get the discount off the retail price.

The Herbalife Business

Is the same as any brick and mortar business. You take valuable products, place them in front of prospective buyers and allow them to buy from you or Herbalife online from your online store. Herbalife has almost 200 products for you to sell. The only decision you have to make after you get started is how you want to display the products to prospective buyers.

Some of the ways to sell herbalife products

Online sales – Your Herbalife membership comes with a website and online store for your customers to order directly from you. Your job is just to bring people to it.

Catalog sales – You can drop Herbalife catalogs, with your contact info on them, in hair salons, barber shops. doctor offices, chiropractor offices ect.

Host shake parties – As you become the expert in making Herbalife shakes, you can display your talents with friends and family in a home party.

There are many ways to conduct a business; your best bet is to build a strategy based on your personal experiences and run with it. As long as you’re introducing what you do to people you’ll be successful.

Why people fail at the Herbalife business opportunity

Most of the failures that happen in any business opportunity come from the lack of business understanding. As mentioned, business is bringing products/services to a niche & prospects. The success resides in your ability to find many prospects in the niche.

It doesn’t matter if you’re representing a fortune 500 company or a mom and pop corner store. Business is the same regardless of what you offer. If you fail, it’s most likely because you failed to tell the right prospects about what you have to offer.

Herbalife is about good nutrition, people closely associate with weight loss. Your niche is weight loss your prospects are people who want to use the Herbalife products to lose weight. The more you find the better you’ll do.

The Herbalife Business OpportunityGetting started in the Herbalife business opportunity

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get started with Herbalife. Herbalife has an international business package that every independent distributor gets when they join. It comes with a few business books a product catalog and about $30 worth of products to try. Like all of the products you get a day money back guarantee if you get cold feet.  The business package cost less than 70 bucks and is delivered in the mail.


Herbalife Business

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Join me and dedicated Herbalife Independent Distributors around the world that are changing lives with a proven business opportunity.


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You can work part time or full time... the choice is yours.

From Retail Sales:

Like me and other Herbalife Independent Distributors, you can build a successful business with the potential for financial independence.

Here is what independent Distributors at different levels can earn off retail sales of Herbalife products:

  • Independent Distributors just starting out earn 25% of every $100 sold at suggested retail price.
  • Success Builders earn 42% of every $100 sold at suggested retail price.
  • Supervisors earn 50% of every $100 sold at suggested retail price.

In addition to retail sales, you can also earn cash bonuses, free vacations and more fun and challenging promotions from Herbalife, you’ll always have opportunities to earn cash bonuses, free vacations and more!

Plus, you can earn even more off of your team’s sales when you recruit new independent Distributors.

Are you wondering how much Herbalife Independent Distributors earn on average?

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If you want to be successful in the Herbalife business, don't just buy into "hope", as that would just be throwing your money away. Learn how the successful Herbalife distributors are doing it, and decide today to prove the "Herbalife scam" myth false, and invest in real training to teach you how to be successful online. If it works for you go for it and good luck. Just don't believe the get rich quick part of it. Like most things in life hard work is required, wearing a badge and talking to people might be (or it used to be) is not all thats required to make the herbalife business work.

Herbalife is a great company with a lot of success and great products. As far as the training goes herbalife gives you all the tools necessary to have success with their company. From training videos, phone call trainings mon wed and fri at night, seminars, online lectures and much more. All so you can grow your herbalife business. They even teach you how to open up a nutrition center and or do a weight loss challenge (which is what I do).

They do not twist your arm. You truly do earn what you put into it with herbalife, so work your butt off and make great money to the point where you have a base of customers buying herbalife products and you getting a little something from all your efforts.

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